Welcome Winter with a Wellness Treatment!

Posted on: December 12th, 2014 by Krissy  | 

As I put these seasonal transition treatments together, I am reminded how fun my job is.  This is the second of 5 treatments I have designed to get you smoothly through each season.  Welcome Winter Wellness Package!  Winter is dominated by the Kidneys and Bladder in Chinese Medicine.  Words that are characteristic of this season are: black, water, bones, fear, grounding, winter.  Health in these two organs looks like a supportive, strong skeleton, waking with vigor, balanced energy, restful sleep, & clear hearing.  Woohoo!  Weakness in the Kidney’s and Bladder can manifest as irritability, low back pain, knee pain, night sweats, ear ringing, blurry vision, low energy, exhaustion, & brittle bones to name a few.  If you fall into the category of the latter symptoms, this treatment’s for you.  80 minutes of restoring, revitalizing Shiatsu, followed by 10 minutes of nourishment thru reflexology in the feet, our most grounding limbs.  You will also take home two of our favorite, local remedies:  Black Elderberry Honey (your Winter cold and flu cure-all) and Mountain Rose Herb’s Winter Spice Tea to calm and warm the soul.  Don’t wait until these symptoms bring you down, get in here and get ready for the brightest, lightest, most supported YOU!  Purchase and schedule your seasonal treatment here.