Posted on: June 19th, 2015 by Krissy  | 

Every Summer Solstice there is a fantastic, global bike adventure called the #Swiftcampout.  Swift Industries, a Seattle bike-loving bunch, invites you to skip town & pack up for the weekend, AND leave your mark on the map. Wherever you may be, roll to camp and settle in for a night under starry skies. Go explore the Coast Range of Oregon or California, hang a hammock in the Pine Barrens, or wake to camp-coffee outside of Tokyo. Discover the solitude of an uncharted spot or head into the hills with a bunch of friends. Your call.

In the spirit of bike camping all they ask is that your adventure is self-supported and that you leave no trace.

Just the coolest idea for the lightest, brightest, most expansive time of year.  Can’t wait to hear about yours!

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