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The Tune-Up A great introduction to Shiatsu if this is your first, and ideal for those time you just need to push the "re-set" button! The tune-up often begins with precise pressure, stretch, and nourishment to the back side side, designed to restore and recover, followed by the entire front side sequence to waken and revive.

The extended versions: The Tune-up, and then some. I little or a lot more extra love in your favorite area, be it head, hands, face, feet, cupping, abdominal work, or anything else.

The Tune Up


60 min
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75 min
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90 min
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Signature Shiatsu Treatments

Learn more about our Seasonal Alignments.


Foot Reflexology

This one is all about the feet and their power to restore and relieve symptoms with specific pressure points. Perfect for those times when you are fatigued or sick and need instant relief.


30 min
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Cupping + Reflexology

The shorter version of my favorite treatment. A soothing cupping treatment ( What is it? ) to relieve any congestion in the body, with a healthy dose of foot reflexology.


30 min
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STUDENT DISCOUNT: Students receive $10 off any hour or longer treatment!