RISE // Spring Seasonal Alignment

Posted on: April 6th, 2017 by Krissy  | 

We wait a little extra long for this season to show it’s bright, shiny self more than others.  It does come after a dark n’ dreary winter here in the NW.  Which is why I am SO excited to put this treatment out there for everyone who needs a bit of a lift.  Join us for a treatment designed to lighten and lengthen through the shoulders and hips, and bring restoration to the organs that keep our immunity strong while nature’s blossoms reach for the sky.  In addition to a 75 minute Shiatsu, you will take home Oregon’s Wild Harvest Nettle Formula to keep your allergies at bay, and your muscle bellies fueled with fresh, nutrient rich blood.  This formula is potent with Vitamin’s D, C, & B, chlorophyll, fiber, and boron to keep our energies up and refresh our systems blood after the sluggish winter.  Oh, yes, AND a week’s worth of a Spring tea blend from Mountain Rose Herbs.  Come RISE with us this season!