Therapeutic Foods!

In Chinese Medicine we look at the traditional healing properties of foods, spices, and herbs. These recipes are categorized into 5 organ specific folders. Each recipe folder recognizes the Chinese 5 Element Theory associated with organ pairs, seasons, weather patterns, tastes, colors, and emotions. Use the recipes as a guide to help nourish ailments or increase greater health. You will find many recipes nourish several organs, all at once!

We encourage you to add or take things out as desired, and have fun with creating a nourishing meal!

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Recipes for Spleen & Stomach


Weakness in the Spleen and Stomach can manifest as chronic tiredness, physical/mental stagnation or ‘stuckness,’ poor appetite, dull sense of taste, bloating, loose stools, bruising, & excessive worry.

Foods with warming properties stimulate digestion, which is great first thing in the morning! Foods with cold or cooling properties are seen to ‘extinguish’ our digestive fire. The best time of day to nourish the Spleen and Stomach is during breakfast. Think about eating a warm meal that includes some of these.