Movement: it comes from your brain

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If you  have ever been to a chiropractor you may have asked yourself: How are the adjustments my spine experiences supposed to be maintained after these sessions?  Well, often times, the answer is: not very long.  Think about it: your spine is adjust thru force one minute, and within the next, you are walking out the door.  Do you remember how that manipulation was created?Does your brain understand what just happened?  Wouldn’t you want to be able to access that adjustment ‘file’ that was just created so you could use it whenever you needed it?  The goal should be to have a flexible spine, not a straight one, like we often hear in a chiro office.  The evidence is laid out nicely in this article.

After a mind opening Feldenkrais session from Joanna Cutler last week, I learned that ONLY around 10% of a movement of a limb comes from the limb itself.  The other 90% of movement comes from the organization of the middle parts, i.e. spine & back, all coordinated by the brain and it’s ability to access different movement ‘files’ in our spine.  90%!  So we SHOULD be using our brain to successfully acquire smooth movement then, right?!  This is one of the fundamentals Feldenkrais:  Movement with Attention.   Anat Baniel, founder of The Anat Baniel Method, and former student of Moshe Feldenkrais explains that movement, when done automatically, without attention, does not provide the brain with any new information.  On the contrary, such movement will tend to groove already existing brain patterns more deeply.  Over time, leading to the loss of strength and flexibility in our mind and body.  Research shows that when we bring attention to our movement, ANY MOVEMENT, the brain resumes growing new connections, pathways, and most importantly, possibilities for us to move with.

That automatic, perpetual thing we do every second: movement.  Bring attention to it.  The adjustment ‘file’ that was just created during a Feldenkrais session allows me to access that movement whenever I need it most.  Better yet, it happens unconsciously.  It is one of the coolest treatments of any kind out there.  AND, we have access to it here in Portland.

Allow me to introduce you to one of my best gals, Joanna Culter, owner of Feldenkrais-PDX.  I refer patients to her for just about anything.  I ensure you will feel more vitality, enthusiasm, and less pain (if that is your symptom) after each session.  It will blow you away.  Want more?  You will want to read this.

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