Happy Clients

As a competitive cyclist I’m always looking for ways to get the most out of my body. Not until I started working with Kristin did I see the large gains I was looking for. A regular shiatsu routine has greatly helped my energy, recovery, flexibility, and has left me in a generally relaxed state for the first time
in my life.

I have been receiving shiatsu from Krissy regularly for over two years. It has been a pleasure to have seen her grow from an inspired student to a knowledgeable and balanced professional. My experience with Krissy’s style has made me more in touch with my body. I can confidently say that my health has greatly benefited from her work and presence in my life.

Shiatsu to me is all about restoring balance and energy throughout my body, it’s about letting go of any particular focus and allowing my mind and body to reset themselves. Shiatsu draws tension and stress outward and starts the flow of positive energy throughout my body so I leave feeling grounded and refreshed. Krissy is also really good at helping me understand how internal stress manifests itself physically, so I can be aware of troublesome spots before they become more serious. I thought I was too sensitive for Swedish massage, but now I realize it felt harsh because my body wasn’t given the chance to let go of pent up energy and tension. Thank you Bearface/Krissy/Softpaw!”
M. Mennesson

Krissy Lindquist is such a find!! She is absolutely the best – an hour of massage with her is the perfect stress release. I want to recommend Krissy and PDX Apucunture particularly for anyone working in downtown Portland. Incredibly convenient – a great crew.
B. Rickles

Whether you are training for an athletic event, have some aches and pains, need to pamper yourself, or are simply stressed out, Krissy will help your body and mind find balance again. Time with her is compelling and I recommend you schedule your time now! She also does gift certificates which are great to give friends, family, or clients.
S. Warren

Shiatsu calms my mind, relaxes my body and makes me feel peaceful inside and out. Krissy Lindquist is a fantastic practitioner. She is very in-tune with the needs of my both my body and my energy levels each time I see her for bodywork. I enjoy each session and look forward to the next, the second I schedule it. I feel shiatsu plays a very important role in my overall health, and although massage is often considered a luxury, I consider it an integral part of my well-being, as both my lifestyle and work are physically demanding.
S. Davis