Clear Summer heat with Shiatsu

Posted on: July 2nd, 2014 by Krissy  | 

Do you ever wonder why we experience specific ailments during certain seasons?  In Chinese Medicine, many treatments, including Shiatsu, are based around exactly this: treating symptoms according to their season.  Let’s dive into some ailments brought on by this delicious Summer season, the season of ‘luxurious growth.’  Insomnia, scattered mind, poor circulation, arthritis, sluggish-ness, irritability.  Whew. One look at that list and my body is already fired up.  The Heart and Small Intestine, our summer time organs in Chinese Medicine, have the ability to produce very fiery imbalances (fitting, since most of these symptoms are caused by increased heat in the body, which naturally occurs with weather in these months).  When the Heart and Small Intestine are properly nourished, through Shiatsu, acupuncture, & food, for instance, we experience joy, heightened spirits, less neck & shoulder stiffness, increased circulation, focused energy, restful sleep, and increased memory.  Yeehaw!  We have specifically designed a variety of recipes to satiate fiery symptoms in our ‘Heart & Small Intestine’ board on Pinterest, just in time for those bbq hours.

Allow yourself the time and restful energy to embody Summer’s abundance of expansion, growth, light, and variety.  You deserve all of these things… and more. Achieve has all the resources you need  when you’re ready.  Cheers and move smoothly into the holiday weekend you beauties!

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