Car & Bike Accidents: Personal Injury Protection

Posted on: April 20th, 2015 by Krissy  | 

This month at the Portland Society, a group of bike-loving women who come together once a month to share ideas and network, hosted Cynthia Newton.  She is a Portland-based trial attorney who has represented hundreds of cyclists injured or killed on Oregon’s roadways.  A partner at Swanson, Thomas, Coon and Newton, Cynthia most recently successfully co-tried Rickson v. Golden State Foods, brought on behalf of Kathryn Rickson, a 28-year-old Portland State University student who was killed on her bicycle in downtown Portland after she was struck by a right-turning semi truck. In her talk, “Fighting Back Smart: 10 Tips for Dealing with Street Harassment,” Cynthia offered advice on how best to respond to and address verbal and physical road harassment to deter harassers and, where possible, hold them financially accountable.

As the weather clears and people start traveling more by bike, know that you are supported if anything comes between you and your adventure.  Massage treatments are fully covered by auto injury insurance.  This also includes bicycling and pedestrian accidents on roadways. Most often you have up to one year of coverage, even if the accident was your fault. All you need is a simple referral from your medical doctor, chiropractor, naturopath or acupuncturist.  The rest is taken care of from here.  So pass this on, and be safe out there!  If you have questions feel free to email me at #rollon #pdx

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