Food as Medicine: Salt, Fire & Time + Portland Apothecary

I love eating.  If you have spent a few minutes with me, there’s a chance I have already talked about food.  There are few things more satisfying than a real delicious meal.  One that your body gives itself a high five for eating.  The kind that makes your soul warm & your brains nourished.  Eating […]

Shiatsu for the Fall season transition!

  Autumn is dominated by the Lungs and Large Intestine in Chinese Medicine.  It is a season of retrospection & meditative insight.  We shed old skin, literally, and eliminate excess, external attachments & emotions accumulated in Summer.  Our ability to accept and be open to new experiences, while letting go of things that are painful, […]

Back from the Cycle Oregon circus

Last week I traded my city office for a more adventurous, spandex-clad terrain.  I have spent the last three years out at Cycle Oregon as a volunteer with The Candlelighters, giving Shiatsu to their team of 40-70 as they climb thru Oregon & Washington backroads for the week long ride.  This year included hugs climbs […]

Clear Summer heat with Shiatsu

Do you ever wonder why we experience specific ailments during certain seasons?  In Chinese Medicine, many treatments, including Shiatsu, are based around exactly this: treating symptoms according to their season.  Let’s dive into some ailments brought on by this delicious Summer season, the season of ‘luxurious growth.’  Insomnia, scattered mind, poor circulation, arthritis, sluggish-ness, irritability. […]

Meditation, nutrition, money, & movement. Our top five reads, for forever.

I enjoy hearing what people are reading.  These five reads were introduced by some amazing humans and I have added them to my library for life.  The common thread between these fab five is that their pages are worn with the best kind of love.  Literally.  I use them on a daily basis.  So, grab […]

A Shiatsu giveaway, because we love you!

arm presses

Shiatsu Giveaway! In celebration of our new website, we are giving away a 60 minute Shiatsu treatment! All you have to do is help us spread the word about Achieve. Here are the details: COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING BY FRIDAY @ 6pm: 1. Visit our new site (you’re already here!) : 2. Follow Achieve Through […]

A soft new landing… Welcome!

Floating tent

Welcome to the new site!  Think of this as your resource for scheduling appointments, building nourishing meals, Shiatsu questions, & access to Portland’s best health providers.  Enjoy the ride through one of the most fun sites in town.  We are thrilled to have you:) Cheers, Krissy Lindquist

A well-nourished Liver

A well nourished Liver rewards our body with key ingredients to maintain great health.   Especially during Spring, when it wants to work most optimally.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Liver is responsible for storing & purifying the blood, as well as keeping our tendons moist so we can experience movement with ease.  With a […]

Movement: it comes from your brain

If you  have ever been to a chiropractor you may have asked yourself: How are the adjustments my spine experiences supposed to be maintained after these sessions?  Well, often times, the answer is: not very long.  Think about it: your spine is adjust thru force one minute, and within the next, you are walking out […]