A Fall season Fire Cider

Traditionally Fire Cider has been used as a cure-all cold remedy.  It’s ingredients are abundant with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, decongestant and digestive properties.  Needless to say, with all those healing abilities, Fire Cider is not for sensitive palates or lily livers.  The heady tonic has a way of making a clean sweep of your digestive […]

4 things to do after an auto or bike accident, with Inner Gate Acupuncture.

I have been seeing several clients this month who are using Shiatsu as part of their recovery treatment following auto accidents.  By law, those injured in an auto or bike related accident have $15,000 of injury protection coverage for up to 1 year.  Symptoms can begin immediately after an accident, so we wanted to share a […]

The Summer Wellness Treatment

The Seasonal Wellness Treatments have been a huge hit in our office.  They are a great resource for healing and nourishing any ailments that come with the change of seasons.  It only seems fitting that this season’s be the most refreshing of the bunch.  Welcome to the Summer Wellness Treatment!  This one is meant to […]


Every Summer Solstice there is a fantastic, global bike adventure called the #Swiftcampout.  Swift Industries, a Seattle bike-loving bunch, invites you to skip town & pack up for the weekend, AND leave your mark on the map. Wherever you may be, roll to camp and settle in for a night under starry skies. Go explore […]

Feeling disoriented?

You are not alone.  When well nourished, our Liver and Gall bladder keep us moving in the right direction, with ease, and confidence.  When out of whack, they can leave us ‘springing’ in all directions.  We are in the Spring season after all, it’s their time to shine in Chinese Medicine.  But, as I have […]

Car & Bike Accidents: Personal Injury Protection

This month at the Portland Society, a group of bike-loving women who come together once a month to share ideas and network, hosted Cynthia Newton.  She is a Portland-based trial attorney who has represented hundreds of cyclists injured or killed on Oregon’s roadways.  A partner at Swanson, Thomas, Coon and Newton, Cynthia most recently successfully co-tried Rickson […]

Rolling thru the city

If you have not yet spotted the Achieve bike, start looking.  We are all over this city, spreading a little attention for Achieve as we go.  It has been a beautiful thing, representing my business while rolling downtown, across town, and even thru small towns.  Multnomah Falls? Check.  Vernonia? Check.  Biking provides an entirely new […]

Allergies? We LOVE Nettle from Oregon’s Wild Harvest

The powerhouse of the allergy-relieving herbs is all around us, here in the NW: Nettle.  Herbs show up when we need them most, isn’t that a beautiful thing?!  We have chosen this formula for part of the Spring Wellness Treatment, for it’s liver-cleansing, allergy relieving, immune-boosting radness.  For a limited time, join Achieve Through Massage […]

Supporting the local NW surf community

Shaping the NW is on it’s third circuit here in PDX, April 10th, at EVO.  Warm Current and WAVES for Development, two Oregon surf non-profits, will fire up the evening with rad local board shapers, music, photography, food & beer, as well as a silent auction and raffle.  Achieve is using this platform for the launch […]

Welcome Winter with a Wellness Treatment!

As I put these seasonal transition treatments together, I am reminded how fun my job is.  This is the second of 5 treatments I have designed to get you smoothly through each season.  Welcome Winter Wellness Package!  Winter is dominated by the Kidneys and Bladder in Chinese Medicine.  Words that are characteristic of this season […]