AWAKE // Seasonal Alignment

Posted on: August 17th, 2017 by Krissy  | 

It’s been a season of neck and shoulder tension in this office!  Which is no surprise in Chinese Medicine.  Summer is a season of external and internal heat and our Heart is busy keeping up as we bike/hike/climb our way thru new adventures.  Internal heat shows up as physical and mental tension in the upper extremities (neck, shoulders, head).  We think of these as ‘rising’ symptoms.  Internal heat keeps us from sleeping restfully and can bring emotions to the surface that leave us feeling unsettled.  And that is exactly why our Summer Alignment Treatment, AWAKE is here for you.  A cooling, restoring, calming Shiatsu treatment designed to bring any internal heat to rest.  There are ONLY 4 LEFT!!

In addition to 75 minutes of Shiatsu bliss you will take home:

Homemade Summer Solstice Brew: a fresh-pressed juice blend of lemon, ginger, go zhi berries & soda water.

Hawthorne + Rose + Cardamom Elixir: an uplifting, restoring medicine from Sweet Honey Farmacy (and made just for us!) for the physical and emotional heart.