Allergies? We LOVE Nettle from Oregon’s Wild Harvest

Posted on: March 24th, 2015 by Krissy  | 

The powerhouse of the allergy-relieving herbs is all around us, here in the NW: Nettle.  Herbs show up when we need them most, isn’t that a beautiful thing?!  We have chosen this formula for part of the Spring Wellness Treatment, for it’s liver-cleansing, allergy relieving, immune-boosting radness.  For a limited time, join Achieve Through Massage in the launch of a complete Spring restoring treatment.  90 minutes of pure Shiatsu bliss, designed to recover & restore those achy, stiff, charged muscle bellies that we tend to over-work with our Spring hiking/biking/running routines.  With the help of Portland Apothecary’s Relieve Liniment of course.  Sip on a week’s worth of Persephone’s Blend Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs.  Full of rooty, citrusy notes, formulated to bring nourishment to our lovely liver.  And lastly, the BOLD BABE of the herb world, Nettle Formula, from Oregon’s Wild Harvest.  Designed to bring those allergy symptoms to rest.  Join us for the smoothest seasonal transition treatment in town!  Schedule yours HERE!

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