What to Expect

Here’s what to expect on your first visit:

  • Welcome!  There is always a yummy cup of tea when you come in, help yourself.  We spend the first 5-10 minutes chatting about your health history and answering any initial questions.  You can always email or call with questions before your appointment!
  • Bring comfortable clothing as Shiatsu is done with them on.  T-shirt and soft pants/shorts/leggings work great.
  • Each individual’s treatment is different.  We cater to what you are coming in for, and give you a bit of Chinese perspective on how Shiatsu can help. Then we get you settled on the table and show you how groovy Shiatsu is.
  • Following your treatment we have plenty of time to discuss any questions/concerns/follow up visits.
  • Eat a nice nourishing meal within the following hour if you can!  This will help keep your body and brain happy after getting a treatment.
  • I will always check in with you after your first visit via email.  This way you get to let your Shiatsu set in without thinking too much about what comes next.  This also allows time for us to discuss what worked well and what to incorporate into your next session!