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Originally based on the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure.” The meridian system used in acupuncture is the same foundation focused in Shiatsu. By applying direct, precise pressure, Shiatsu improves blood flow and promotes immunity, flexibility, and self-alignment. In my sessions, clients are engaged through a rhythmic sequence of pressure, stretching, breathing, and energy flow. One can expect greater flexibility and mobility following each session.  There is a stretch sequence for every joint space, allowing each treatment to be as similar or different as the next.  Comfortable clothes are worn during Shiatsu, which lasts a minimum of one hour.

Combined with acupuncture or by itself, I design each session based on individual needs. Receiving Shiatsu regularly helps alleviate stress, restore energy, and maintain health. By sharing techniques that can also be used at home, I encourage clients to be in tune with their bodies strengths and weaknesses.

Keep in mind the benefits of Shiatsu are cumulative. When first receiving treatment it is best to receive consecutive sessions, so that your body can learn to hold changes and prevent relapse into old patterns. I created a Shiatsu Wellness Membership to make this more affordable.