A well-nourished Liver

Posted on: April 23rd, 2014 by Krissy  | 

Liver nourishing foods

A well nourished Liver rewards our body with key ingredients to maintain great health.   Especially during Spring, when it wants to work most optimally.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Liver is responsible for storing & purifying the blood, as well as keeping our tendons moist so we can experience movement with ease.  With a smooth working Liver, we experience restorative energy, restful sleep, clear eyes, as well as less irritability & stress.  We are not bothered by headaches, stiff muscles, or PMS.  We may even lose excess weight.  High five, Liver.

So, how do we give our lovely Liver what it needs to give us what we need (who doesn’t need restful sleep or flexibility)?  Try adding some of these to your next meal.  Better yet, check out the Achieve Through Massage Pinterest folder labeled Recipes for Liver & Gallbladder.  Cheers to an efficient Liver & smooth Spring transition!


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